KrishiloK is marketing, sales & distribution partner of farmers’. We enable processing and packaging-as-a-service through a network of rural agriprenuers.

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AGINNOVATE Farm Pvt Ltd (KrishiloK) is creating a B2B platform for raw & processed Food.

Enabled by a network of rural franchisee (Agripreneurs), KrishiloK provides marketing support to farmers like market information, marketing support, and processing and packaging as a service at the source.

The Platfrom allows Buyers to transact, interact and engage with farmers & processors for their procurement needs.

As a pan India supply partner, the platform offers assurance of

1) Quality - Standard Quality Specifications - Processing/Packaging support at Source

2) Delivery - Local Operations Managed by Rural Franchise Network - Technology Enabled Logistic and Procurement Planning

3) Supply Price Stability - Removes information asymmetry between Buyer & Farmer - Annual (Regular) Supply Contracts

Please reach us at to know about the complete updated list of products and available solutions to B2B Buyers. Some of the current supply are

1) Potato

2) Onion

3) Tomato, to tomato pulp, to tomato sauce

4) Fruits- Kinnow, Grapes, Banana, Mango

5) Aloe vera Raw and Extract (Gel)

6) Metha Extract (Oil)

7) Tulsi Extract (Oil)

8) Lemon Grass Extract (Oil)

We are deploying technology in the field of 1) Digital Platform 2) Processing & Packaging 3) Digital Quality Assessment 4) Responsible buying with source trace


Team with hands on execution experience across Agriculture Technology, Food Processing, Finance & Banking, Strategic Projects and Logistics

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